Galactic War Shipments..?

Should I keep on starring up Luminara Unduli or should I get another character?


  • Yendor
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    I'm using the shipments to star up lumi and will continue to do so until 7*
  • Randall
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    Star up your PVP team before working on any other characters with the same shard sources. Luminara is probably the best F2P hero in the game so I assume she is in your PVP team.
  • Benr3600
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    I alternate between Luminara and Phasma. Both are very strong right now in all types of battle.
  • I'm about to 5* Luminara and I think I'm going to take a short break to get Phasma for my dark side team and then go back to Luminara.
  • I almost have phasma up to 6*, once I reach that goal I'm going to switch to luminera, phasma is by far the best leader for pvp
  • Alternate between Lumi and Phasma
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