After luminara... who?

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Hi I have just managed to farm Luminara to 7*. Who should I farm after that?

My main team in GW/PvP:
6* Sidious
7* Luminara
6* Jedi Consular
4* Dooku
5* Daka

4* Vader (just got him today after hitting 60!)
5* Talia
4* Poe
4* Chewie
4* Jawa

I'm deciding between Poogle the lesser and Captain Phasma.

Possible teams
Crit team: Sid, Poogle, Lumi, IG88 (after farming Sid), Luke (after farming JC)
AOE debuff team: Sid, Poogle or Phasma, Lumi, IG 88 (after Sid), Poe or Vader
Counter team (from WhipIT guide): Phasma, Dooku, Sid, Kylo (after farming JC), Fives (need to switch over from farming Poe)

Which is more useful in GW? Phasma or Poogle?
Since I am mainly FTP, I prefer one who is good in GW over arena. Thanks for your input!


  • Skye
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    Phasma and Poogle bring very different things to the table.... and partially depends on what other characters you use with them

    Droid heavy or very offense focused then you want Poogle

    However if you want to speed your team up and/or slow the enemy team down a bit, then phasma..

    Both are viable choices, it just depends on what you want to do
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  • And phasma can still hit a little where poggle hits like a wet noodle lol. But like stated it depends on what you need
  • Qeltar
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    Remember that if nothing appeals, you can also stockpile tokens for later characters. GW allows you to reset shipments very cheaply compared to other options (though if you always complete, this will get you "out of sync" on the nice 3 shipments/day schedule).
    I will probably do this after Phasma as Poggle doesn't interest me much, nor does anyone else there.
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
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