Just reached lvl 60 and starting to build a better F2P team. Any ideas?

Hi, i just reached lvl 60 and i have Sidious a 7* and Lumi almost at 7*, so i'm starting to think about the next characters i would choose from Arena and GW. Right now my team is:

Sidious (Lead): 7*
Old Daka: 5* halfway to 6*
Luminara: almost 7*
Dooku: 4*
Jedi Consular: almost 7*

All of them are full geared up. I finish everyday in the 21-50 bracket.
Right now Dooku is still useful but in the long run i need to replace him so i need your help to decide. I was thinking Han or IG-88 in Arena, and in GW i don't know.

Thank you very much!


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    well you have 3 healers so I would drop 2. All the cool kids only run 1 healer now a days with all the healing immunity. Keep Luminara because she has ability block and great damage and is ~7*.

    I agree you will need to replace Dooku...probably, I probably will need to replace mine as well but currently his kit works good in my team so I am hard pressed to replace him until I have a clearly better choice to invest resources. So that other hero will probably need to be at least a star level higher and fill a similar role.

    IG-88 is really fragile and I wouldn't run him outside of a Droid team. I have seem Han work well in some teams but you need to abuse the turn meter and provide some way of keeping him alive, the best option is Old Ben but unless you have a lot of disposable income that isn't viable.

    Who else do you have available? Its hard to see synergies when you have only shown what you are using.

    You are almost done farming Luminara so that opens up Phasma, she makes a great leader. If you are also farming Kylo Ren you would then have my team. (Almost) like you I finish top 50, however I have finished 19 twice in the last week. The few fights I have had vs ~rank 10 teams I have generally gotten my butt handed to me. It could be that they are using full 7* teams and or that they have spent a bunch of money.

    Thought I had an easy win for rank 12 late last night when I saw a Barris lead, she was in a full jedi team of 7*s (my guess based on HP) including Qui-Gon Jinn, Old Ben, and Aayla Secura. I managed to take out Secura and Qui-Gon before I got wiped, I was happy with that. But I am not sure if its solely the star levels that made it impossible to win or the fact that those are some really strong heroes.
  • Keep Dooku for now. Replace your JC first and probably Daka. There are plenty of f2p heroes to choose from. Find someone in the Cantina that you like. Luke, IG86, Kylo Ren etc. For Daka's replacement, look in the arena shipments. There are a lot of powerful heroes there. IG88,Ventress,Savage etc.
  • I'd consider poggle and IG-88 instead of dooku and JC. Kylo Ren and vader are more options. Maybe even go Poggle, IG, and Vader and drop daka.
  • What so amazing about ig88, sure he can hit alright but sign up tie pilot or leia with attack synagies
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    I am in the same situation as you.

    After Luminara I'm getting Phasma. Started farming poogle yesterday but decided to switch, cause the teams I fought with her inside is crazy. Her slow and turn meter advantage is OP to me, rendering my team almost useless.

    For cantina shipments, I am farming Poe now (iOS user), switched from Daka after 5* her cause I heard it's silly to farm hee to 7*.

    For arena, I'm getting IG 88 after Sid.

    I will be getting kylo after JC done (6* but still a distance away from 7* cause I made the mistake to farm chewie) to complement Phasma.

    Team suggestions:
    AOE: Sid, Poe, Vader, 88, Phasma or poogle
    Multi Attack: Phasma, Sid, Dooku, kylo, Lumi (u can get fives but I'm working on Poe already).
    Balance team: Sid, Poe, 88, Luke or GS, Lumi

    AOE team will lose to multi Attack, whereas multi stack might not hold up to balance team with Poe as taunt.
  • First of all: poogle is awesome. Get him. I got lucky, pulling him twice from bronzium cards, saving me 84 shards, but even if you have to farm him from scratch he's worth it.

    I'm current running lumi, Sid, JC, Luke and poogle and finishing each day top 10 arena.

    You should definitely drop one healer. As a FTP player you probably shouldn't drop 2, at least not now, as you won't be able to fill both slots (and dooku's slot) for some time with worthy heroes.

    I'm probably going to replace Luke with 88 eventually. For you, with both GW and arena shipments opening up soon, farming 88 and poogle at the same time is quite feasible.

    Another option - essentially instead of poogle - is Poe. I haven't used him but his potential seems quite high.
  • Han isn't that good...his health for a tank isn't worth it. Personally I like Luke right now, decent health, nice damage and as a leader has the ability to have 37% tenacity on other team members.
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