What heroes should take priority in early farming.

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I'm a new player all around. I understand the basics of turn based play and want to avoid any waisted Time and effort. A bad start meens a bad finish in the freemium game world. My question is this what heroes should I farm first. Be it trooper Han or others. Your feedback is much appreciated.


  • I think Luminara and Sidious are pretty much the go-to characters from GW and SA. I got Luke from cantina shards and Ahsoka from cantina shipments. Luke is really good but I'm still not sure about Ahsoka. I have her at 3* lvl 47 and she's decent. Alternatively you could get Old Daka which is probably a safe bet considering the lack of healers on the Dark side. I personally don't like her and I prefer an offence focussed Dark side team.
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  • keep farming Luke in cantina battles.

    farm Jedicconsular on ur hard modes. keep going for sid in arena shipments. go for luminara first when u get galactic war shipments.

    use cantina shipments on old Daka....a dark side helaer is very helpful.

    be patient upgrade 5 or 6 toons to 4 and 5 stars before u farm other toons. a solid base team will help u progress the tables and PvP better than getting more toons .
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    Awesome I've got Luke now I'm a long way from Sid but we're working on him. I did make the mistake of picking up trooper Han I hope that doesn't slow me down to much. I'm at 24 of 50 on lumin.
  • imho Jedi Consular has proven the best unit to get to beat galactic wars (over lumi). don't need a fully starred character, but gearing him up to VIII and investing in the healing ability has made this GW run substantially easier.
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  • Sid - arena
    Luminara- galactic war
    Luke or Jedi consulor- cantina battles
    Old daka- cantina shipments
    Old daka is a great charcter that will hold her own all the way to end game and beyond. She is also INVALUABLE for dark side battles as she is the best dark side healer
  • I agree Daka is very useful, I don't have her but I've been borrowing her from the allies that do and she's essential to run dark side nodes.
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  • Lumi in galactic war, Luke in cantina, Sid in arena!
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  • Am I the only one that feels that Lumi is over rated? I havent missed her at all. ST Han is pretty amazing though, same with Poe, and JC for the ease at which he's farmed.
  • Another thought, why Luke in cantina, I think Genosian Soldier is probably the better pick in most teams.
  • Geno soldier is a good underrated one
  • @Kr4itok_ she is a bit overrated I think. If her special fails not much left. JC is a very decent char that can replace Lumi. But JC can't match Luminara's heal. It's the strongest in the game and will replenish 80% over 3 turns (including Casting turn). Nobody else can fix a team like that...
  • Ok here is what I'm running for my base team in lead is Luke then Poe jc FOTP and talia. Nailed my first full clear on golactic war. As of now I'm subbing in fives and the jawa for my light side battles. Fost geno soldier and ig100 on the dark side. I started working on lumi should have her in two buys. I'll start on Sid soon. You guys rock and thanks for the Intel. Im already seeing progress. The teams I'm running are basic I know but with your suggestions and wisdom I'll be face rolling in no time.
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    I disagree some with the above. I would use early cantina missions to upgrade Heros I allready owned. Chewy to four stars. Talia to four stars. Jawa to four. Jc to five or six stars (for GW). There is room to get some work on Luke if like but don't ignore a few stars on Heros you all ready own. Then once lvl four opens take one of the above further or start farming Kilo Ren.

    From cantina shipments. 5555s works well for assist, counter attack, defensive teams. Boba aoe crit teams. Poe for taunt and expose. Daka good for dark side missions but weak pvp unless pair with taunt.

    Arena shipments Sid is picked by most Jedi killer. Occasionally see others but can't go wrong with him.

    From gw Shipments luminara is needed to clear GW you need her strong. After that phasma or poggle offers some Intriguing options.

    You could forgo everything and farm a droid team. Read forums if so.

    If you farm a character who is only available on hard mode ie ren or dooku. Reset the hard mode least once a day or don't waste your time.

    Wrote more then I planned too but disliked the advice given. Nothing is a set pick. Study in forums the different compositions that seem farmable and go get one that appeals to you.

    I went jc, 5555s, Sid, luminara, dooku, Kilo Ren, phasma. Got barris in bronzium. Gl

    ****reply to below comment

    Yes, Han and IG-88 are great champs but they require a calculated team around them. As opposed to Sid who fits generically anywhere, especially while leveling. Han vs Poe is a a good discussion too.
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  • You make the mistake of going for sid, instead of stormtrooper Han.
  • I'm level 59 now. The toons who I have always used are chewy, jc, dooku, lumi and sid. Still my main for gw and arena
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    @Kr4itok_ she is a bit overrated I think. If her special fails not much left. JC is a very decent char that can replace Lumi. But JC can't match Luminara's heal. It's the strongest in the game and will replenish 80% over 3 turns (including Casting turn). Nobody else can fix a team like that...

    He can't match her heal or dps. She hits like a tank. JC is really just a gimped Lumni. But having him for GW as a backup is nice.
  • I haven't worked on lumi near as much as I probably should (same with sid, enjoy the bench), but I've never really felt the need for her. I'm not saying her kit isn't awesome because it is, just that I get by fine without her and don't feel like I'm missing out by not staring her up yet.
  • I'm farming Sid in arena, Lumi in GW, and Dooku in hard mode, and Talia/Daka in cantina. Talia because she is the only dark side healer till daka to help with dark side missions so I want her to be as strong as possible.
  • I get sid tonight which I'm stolked for... but have no place for him on my teams haha
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