Guild chat problem

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I've had this problem for a while now. For hours and hours I can't see any guild chat then all of a sudden it all comes at once. A bloke I work with is getting his messages but obviously this is a problem for me. There isn't a problem with my internet connection at all. Is anybody else having this problem?



  • Same problem here.
  • DevTore
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    Me too
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  • Sometimes I'll write a message is response to something I think is the most recent message, but then when it sends, I suddenly see 20+ messages that have happened before I made my post.
  • wisenuts
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    Yeah, it's laggy AF
  • same here... i look like a total derp when i sent a message to what I think is the current discussion only to realize it is in the middle of a new conversation and it looks like it came from left field :(
  • +1

    Doesn't update regularly for me either, so I try my best to use Line.
  • gbshow
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    it helps me when i keep completely closing down the gamr then starting back up, just a pain to have to keep doing it time and time again.
  • We have the same problem in our guild and until they fix the lag we just post a "." which seems to force the game to load the chat.
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