What is Darth Sidious max power?

Hey guys so i was wondering about leveling vs gear upgrades and how they affect the power of a chracter. I have heard some say it dosnt matter but the only way i can tell is if somone tells me the max power on their 7 star maxed gear level( which means all gear 7 slots filled except the one that requires level 61) Sidious. Thanks


  • Randall
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    4502 1 gear missing.
  • Dug.... "Unlimited power!"
  • The missing one is the level 61 one or that one plus the level 60 one?
  • Randall
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    MrTimmah wrote: »
    The missing one is the level 61 one or that one plus the level 60 one?

    I should have been more clear. 1 missing from what you want. The level 61 one and 1 more legendary. He is level 60 though and 7 star.
  • Ok cool mine is also 4502 so then it doesn't matter when you level vs promote they end up the same power. Interesting but happy to know because after all that effort i would hate to find out i miss built him with promoting to early.
  • Shanks
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    Ill have the last one tomorrow so can i tell you then. For now mine is at 4502 with one more gear to go.
  • I have my Sid at 4583, all slots filled but one.
  • JoJoMo_007
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    edited January 2016
    At lvl 60, 6* and maxed gear he is 4235 all but 1 (which is a lvl 61) lvl VII gear slot filled.
  • Shanks
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    4583 is the max attainable power currently
  • Swgohcantina.com
  • thx for the info on this....question...I have 101 shards (finally) but it will take me some time to get the 1M to promote him. What happens to that 1 extra shard? I also see he is still avail to purchase shards for in the arena. Maybe a dumb question but if one were to buy more shards and go over the 100needed what would happen to those shards?
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