5th member for my droid team

Hi guys, this is my first post, so yeah. And my team consists of HK-47,Ig-88&86, and Poe for the taunt. So I am wondering whether to have Lobot or Poggle.
Or should I just get rid of Poe, and have Geonosian Soldier and Poggle as the 4th and 5th member, since they got great synergy and easily farmable.
Thanks for reading !!


  • Poggle is a must have on any droid team, and if you're dead set on having a taunter, storm trooper Han would have pretty good synergy. He taunts for 3 turns I believe and whenever he hurt he generates turn meter for your team. This allows your droids to not only have the speed boost from poggle, but also the turn meter from Han. This should allow your droids to get in a lot more attacks in than the other team. Hope this helps!
  • I see, thanks for the reply. Or maybe, having BOTH Poggle and Lobot in the team haha
  • With Poe, you won't need Lobot. Poggle will take your droids to a whole new level.
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    Lobot defensive, Poggle offensive... which do you want to do?
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