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@EA_Jesse quick question I notice players discussing a droid bundle but never saw that option to purchase this bundle in game. I am level 53 and am on iOS will I still have an opportunity to purchase this bundle or have I progressed to far and am out of luck?


  • JWH
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    It wasn't something worthy of buying, IMHO
  • For $25 if you didnt already have the 3 droids in the pack it was well worth it.
  • @nick316 I don't know the exact timing that the Droid bundle would have appeared, but if you are level 53 chances are it's long gone. I'm sure we'll be having more character bundles in the future, so be sure to keep an eye out!
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    Crittik wrote: »
    For $25 if you didnt already have the 3 droids in the pack it was well worth it.

    People totally underestimate droids and I don't regret buying the pack at all. One thing I've noticed in my years of gaming is that many gravitate to characters with high health (tanky). I think this is why many don't use droids. Droids at high levels/gear/stars have pretty decent health and have amazing crit chances. They aren't my A-team yet but I am almost ready to create a dedicated droid synergy squad
  • The main issue with droid team is that you really need that Poggle to make it work, which is not primary, not even secondary focus in GW shipments. Unless you get lucky with Cards and get Poggle, i would let the droid team rest for a while
  • Okay thanks guys. Not a huge issue just I play everyday and just never had it pop up
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    I love my droid team. Was the cheapest of the three bundles offered to me and worth it to me so I bit. I had already pulled a 4* Poggle though. Might not have got it otherwise. I am building them up as my a-team and have done well in arena so far.
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  • Also @EA_Jesse just tossing out the fact I want to purchase a bundle and maybe you guys should re think having these bundles only available for a specific time because in my case you just missed out on revenue because of a bundle not populating for me. Again just a thought. Thanks for the reply
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