Would love a practice arena

Once you have done everything you can for the day (without buying more crystals) there is simply nothing to do. The regen rate is simply way too slow. I think it would be cool to have a practice arena where you get no rewards. Basically some place to test new combinations of teams and such. It sucks only being able to play for a short time a day. I know EA wants us to buy crystals, and I do from time to time....but I am not going to buy them every day.


  • CronozNL
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    I second this thought! Just a test environment or something :)
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  • I like the idea but would take it a step further and allow for live pvp matchups for practice. Once I'm done with all I can do for the day I'd love to take on other live players even if it didn't count for anything. Also, provide a chat bar while you are playing them to talk smack
  • Would like a practice area as well. One where you would not have to select an ally. Hard to judge how my new line up at level 30 works when I have a level 60 ally.
  • Yeah great Idea! I've completed all there us to do today, all I want is to play around with my team.
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  • Randall
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    Use GW and force close?
  • This would be amazing I wanna test a new squad but I'm only barely hanging on top 20 so I can't afford to ware the energy.
  • Skye
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    Would be a nice feature...

    I seen this mentioned in a couple of other games too... so who knows.. maybe something already in the pipeline
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