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Anyone know what the protypes are for that you find in shipments, I've gotten a few just for the shipments achivements, but it feels sort of pointless having a lot of them and have no clue on how I could use them.
Edit: Never mind I just read the exact name of prototypes and I have MK V prototypes and right now I require MKIV whoops my mistake.


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    They're used to upgrade character gear!
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    I have not encountered any character that needs those prototype salvages
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    I just buy every item listed there every single time, regardless of usefulness. Just having 1 item be usedul now or in the future may save me 100 crystals. And 100. If only 6 are usefull in 30 days they may pay themselves. 20k per day x 30 days is 600k a month. Not much if a hassle. 500 Crystals can buy that too.

    Are they always useless? I never did the homework, but I can usually get a nee char and get to Level V from I instantly, and level VI is usually only missing purple things.
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