Proposal: Implement "Borrow an Ally's Jedi" for Yoda event

So, the forums are up in arms over the difficulty of the Yoda event. It's not clear whether he's always been this tough (as dev post suggests), and only now are the masses reaching him, or there's been a real increase in difficulty. But either way, I think the current approach is poor design - leads to frustration and anger, rather than interest and challenge.

My suggestion is to allow players to borrow an ally's Jedi, similar to the LS/DS/Challenge battle approach. (Sorry if this has been suggested already - if so, well, consider this a strong Seconding the idea!)

My reasoning is as follows:

The big difficulty with the Yoda event is that he requires a careful balancing of your Jedi toons. Barriss, in particular, looks to be especially useful against him (though not essential - I beat him without her). Moreover, it seems that some combinations (Mace on your squad, but no Barriss) are having a *extremely* tough time beating him. Maybe you can get lucky after hours of brute forcing the run, with favorable RNG. But that's no fun.

Compare with the Rancor. Some toons are definitely more useful at certain phases. This is OK, because players have deep enough benches to play around with different combos. And even if you under-perform, the raid can still go on - just takes a bit longer. It's a fun, very strategic battle.

But, the great majority of F2P players will only have exactly 5 7* Jedi toons at this point. And they'll have been starring them up for weeks, maybe months, specifically in preparation for this event (I know I was). If they miscalculate, and star up the wrong toon (omitting Barriss, especially), it would either (a) take weeks/months longer to star up a better toon and wait for the next Yoda event, a punishingly long time; or (b) run the above brute-force, no-fun method to find favorable RNG.

Allowing us to borrow a Jedi from an ally solves this problem beautifully. Still require the 5 7* Jedi as a gate, sure. But by borrowing a 6th Jedi, one can look for useful other Jedi toons that round out your squad, complementing them strategically. If your allies don't have useful ones, the forums can be a good source of help. One can be more flexible, sussing out the best 6th toon for your particular squad combination. Boom! Real strategic thinking is reintroduced to the mix, while not abandoning the real sense of achievement. (There's still the downside of locking out the leader ability of any secondary toon you have on your squad, but imho that's a minor limitation)

The difficulty of the fight would have to be increased a little, given how an extra toon + leader ability will significantly power up your squad, but I think that's a reasonable price for a much more interesting - and fair! -fight.
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