Please fix the AI for Talia

I really wish the AI was programmed specifically for Talia to function properly rather than as a stock healer. She tries to heal when she is low health which just makes her easy to kill as her heal loses health. Either this needs to be fixed or she should just function like the other healers.


  • Benr3600
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    Prevent AI healing when the hero you are focusing down has heal immunity too, then? Sometimes as Talia it is the right move to heal your team if it leaves you with 1 hp.
  • Yeah she is a freekill.
    I face a Nightsisterteam in GW 3 Days was lol.
    All 60 Gear VII and it was so easy.
    I mean if i face a Lumi team in Arena they dodge like hell but this NS Team got not a single dodge.
    The best was Talia AI used her heal all 100% only she with yellow bar.
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