Is admiral ackbar criminally underrated for pvp?

I guess it depends on your pvp bracket, but at least 80% of teams in the top 20 run in my bracket run sid, and 20-50% run vader. Using Ackbar completely negates vaders turn 1 and sids first 2 turns if you can get ackbars ability off before vaders 2nd turn, and you get a good amount of healing off those 4 buffs, enough to make up for the damage you take(dont quote me on that).

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  • I've considered him for a while. I'm holding off for now but will revisit him for sure:

    1. He is huge when playing against big neg effects heroes like Vader, Sid, Phasma, HK-47, etc. He just doesn't seem to do enough outside of this ability right now.
    2. His dispel/heal is nice but mostly wasted unless he is in a non-healer team. It also relies on multiple debuffs to have a substantial heal. Vader seems to have a bit more potency than Sid but phasma and Sid rarely get even 3+ on my team total.
    3. His speed buffs are good, but require more thought in team synergy. If you could somehow choose the ally this would rock though.
    4. His leadership is again nice but you need rebels and I only ever see Luke and leia.

    Overall he is good but IG--88, Han, and even Ventress are more compelling to me right now.
  • @Cpt_Dan I think he's extremely useful for level 52-55s competing with level 60 vader/sid teams. I used to battle with this ackbar user from rank 90-150, and I have him on my ally list still, and I always thought he made the complete wrong choice getting stars for him, I can see him being really useful on GW too.
    Pay to win-The biggest whiners on this board.
  • Yeah I could see it while leveling coming in handy, especially in GW with needing the trickles of health so you can finish at 100% health.

    At cap though he is a bit too one-dimensional for my liking. I'm sure I'll star him someday but not until the others from arena shipments are at least six star.

    It would be cool to see him as part of a non-healer speed team. Especially with phasma or in a team with lots of + turn meter abilities like Han.
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