Concerns about Squad Arena

Just a little rant about the stat of "PVP" in this game. The issue revolves around if someone is attacking you will essentially lock you out from trying to get the top reward in the final minutes of the daily rewards. I think the current model might need a revamp and I hope the dev team is brainstorming about ways to possibly improve the current model.

One way might be if you enter a Squad Arena battle before the end of the day timer and win you will get the reward for the battle/rank you achieved. That would require a delay of 4 minutes 59 secs to when rewards are given out.

Another way might be to award people their top rank achieved during the day the corresponding reward with a 1-2 hour delay at the end of previous reward. So if someone is Rank 1 by the time the rewards are given out, he will not immediately get Rank 1 reward the next day.

Just dropping my 2 cents on the subject. I really like the game, but not being able to get the top rank reward because of either getting locked out or because it takes me 3:30 to beat someone and I get in with 2 minutes left really blows.


  • The only "pvp" in this game is a blind game of
  • Skye
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    The whole system needs an overhaul to be honest, I been sniped a number of times myself, little point to complain about it as the devs said it is a system they need to re-look out.. They've not said anything since really...

    Personally been thinking of how I would change the way the arena works, but every solution I come up with, comes brings up new problems... it's not easy to come up with a new system that's fair to as many people as possible
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  • Wispsi wrote: »
    The only "pvp" in this game is a blind game of

    Yep.PvP where?
    I face a AI Team and strikes.
    The AI cant mess with you as Attacker.
    I telled this a other player:
    If u have a decent squad,u can straight go for top ten.
    Decent Squad can kill everyone.
    But how long u stays there complicated,this must be ur priority to build a team with synergy.
    There is no PvP.If u want be the best of the best play with me Blade and Soul.
    16.01. the show begins.
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