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This week we had a few updates for bug fixes to Guilds and made some adjustments to the Grand Master’s Training Event.

Why did you change the Grand Master’s Yoda Event?
While player feedback is one of our most important resources, the changes to the Yoda Event were primarily driven by player data. Over the past three iterations of the event, we saw that players were completing Stages 1 – 4 at an acceptable pace. Starting with Stage 5, the completion rate began to lag behind our initial projections. At Stage 7, the completion rate was starkly below even our most conservative estimates. The Yoda Event was never designed to have a completion rate that low. The philosophy behind the event was that, if you had built a 7-star Jedi team, the fight should still be a challenge, but not insurmountable. Coupled with the new Protection update, the data showed completion rates even lower than the previous 3 events, and as such, we needed to bring the Yoda Event in line with our original design intent.

What’s coming next week?
We’re adding a new character to Chromium Packs, CT-21-0408, or Echo.

Here is some additional information on this Clone that shines in Raids.

Description: Clone Support that automatically Assists allies and can Dispel all enemies
BASIC Attack
  • Supporting Fire - Deal Physical damage to target enemy and grant 10/15/20% Turn Meter to another random ally with less than 50% Turn Meter.

  • EMP Grenade – Deal Special damage to all enemies and Dispel all positive status effects on them.

Unique Abilities
  • By the Book – Clone allies recover 3/3.5/4/5/5/6/6.5/7% of their Max Health whenever they use a Basic ability. This effect can’t trigger more than once before their next turn.
  • Follow-Up – Whenever another ally uses a Basic ability during their turn, Echo has a 20% chance to Assist dealing 50/40/30% less damage. This assist chance is doubled if the attacking ally is a Clone.

Since Echo is being added to Chromium Packs Cad Bane will no longer be exclusive to them. Shards for him will now be available from the Galactic War Store.
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