Yoda event should be available for fun and minor reward

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After completion, the Yoda event should be available to play once per day during event times so the content you created isn't wasted. Give it a minor reward like 10 crystals and a handful of credits and bam, you've got repeatable content and you give people a chance to battle Yoda on Yoda.

Side note, Yoda really was too hard at level 90 gold gear for anyone not running gear level 9 minimum. He could one shot any character with a basic attack crit without offense up. Now, it's sad for me to say this, he may be too easy. He only really needed the damage and a minor speed nerf so he couldn't one shot or double turn kill characters, the rest may not have needed nerfing.

Alternatively, the furnace 5 shortage being fixed would likely have also fixed the Yoda OP issues by making gear 9 available to people. Thank you for your efforts though.


  • I had already Yoda and for is nothing to Play for. Five me dann an other Char to Play for aus Event.
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