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I really like this game. It's quite exciting to level up your champs and battling. But I still have some questions.
The shipments in the store do change every 6 hours or so. the other shipments (from cantina battles, galactic war and arena just refresh. Will they stay the same forever or will they change after a period of time to new shards of different champions?

how is the calculation for critical hits. With my 3 star luke i have around 180 physical chritical rating. What does that mean?

I have chewie as leader. So his leaderability is for the hole team available. I also have sid in my team, tough his leader ability isn't for the hole team, right? But he for himself, does he still have this ability (crit increase) or is it also locked, not available for sid himself?

Until now just a stormtrooper han solo and a luke with a rifle is available. Will there be a jedi skywalker and a normal han solo (as different champs or cards, whatever)? So you could have like two luke skywalker simultaneously in your team, one jedi, one with a rifle?

In my opinion, this would suck. What about making only one Han solo but with more stars he changes his form; from storm trooper han solo to normal han solo. Kind of an evolution we know from pokemon (after all this game reminds me a bit of pokemon). 3* Han would be in a stormtrooper uniform, but at reaching level 4* (or so ) he changes to the normal han solo (possible with a bit different abilitys). Same with luke just he has a rifle till 4* or 5* and afterwards he grows to the jedi we use to know.
I would love this feature.

i'm looking forward to your answers.

-get some nuts.... äh... shards ;)

PS. sorry not native english here

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