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Hi, I started playing last week on Christmas day and I'm Lv 42 and F2P (apart from crystal boost I bought for a few quid)
Im currently running:
L41 Phasma 3* Gear 5
L41 Fives 4* Gear 5
L42 JC 2* Gear 5
L41 Talia 4* Gear 4
L41 Chewie 3* Gear 5

Im a few shards off getting luke (will have him tonight) 65/80 for Sid and have 30/50 Lumi (only completed 2 GW as i just unlocked it.

So Lumi will replace Talia as I dont like that she kills herself when healing, and although Chewies taunt is very useful for keeping JC alive ATM, Im thinking with lumi this shouldn't be as vital? So could luke slot in for Chewie for the Arena?

I really want Ahsoka as I like her character in Clone Wars and Rebels, but her stats look a little slow. Would it be worth switching from fives to Ahsoka in Cantina Shipments? Would be nice having another character for GW as I struggled the first two times only just scraping into battle 10. Am i right in thinking i will need at least 10 strong characters for GW? If not i might keep starring fives.

Will farm for JC in Cantina when I get to L44 and unlock it. This will make starring luke harder though so Im a little confused with who I should prioritise?
Thanks all!

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    Keep in mind that you need a dark side team and a light side team in order to complete the levels. So, Lumi can't always replace Talia, as you'll need Talia's heal for the dark side missions. Talia's heal is lacking because it also hurts her, as you said, so you really want to aim for Old Daka from Cantina shipments.

    I would also swap Luke in for Chewie. Or perhaps JC.
  • Thats true ATM my allies are helping with the dark side battles, but I should think about Daka thanks.

    I would like Ren too later in the game but I also like JC and maybe Luke...this is all from cantina farming so Im not sure who to go for.

    I dont think I like the sound of 1 healer if I dont have a tank you can taunt, and Chwewi can only taunt for 1 turn anyway, so JC and Lumi will probably be together unless I am underrating Lumi here.
  • friendly bump...updated OP a little...thanks!!!
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