To buy or not to buy?

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I had to restart my game as i changed phone and facebook login didnt seem to restore my data. I'm currently level 13 with 1049 crystals. Should i buy 1 chronium pack?


  • @Ewlias , if you're starting a new game, the very first single Chromium card you buy should have a guaranteed full character in it (or at least this used to be true, 2 months ago many people were confirming it. Not sure if it still is). It has to be the single chromium card though (selling for 350). There are no guarantees ever for getting a full character from a 4-card pack.

    Other than that, Chromium cards are not a good long-term strategy unless you plan on spending a lot of money. I wish I could go back and stop myself from buying the few packs I did because I am stuck with a few chromium-specific characters I will never be able to star up and use.

    It is a better Idea to save your crystals for energy refreshes, and it should be a quicker way to level up your new account, too!
  • Ewlias
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    Yeah planning to spend on only one pack just to get one 3-4 star character to help me. Got a really bad pull tho, luke was in it :( i got datcha from a bronzium pack. Is he any good without a jawa team? @OldDakaNewBarber
  • Actually, I'd say both Luke and Datcha are usable, especially at lower levels working back up.

    In the long-term, Luke won't really shine without some other Rebel synergies, and Datcha isn't that good unless you're fighting against a droid team. However, in the early stages of the game (maybe anything before level 40) just having some decent-damage characters is important, and both Datcha and Luke can do that.
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