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Guys, Hi.

I dont really know what I'm doing so I decided to sign up to ask some questions. I've been doing some reading on these forums and noticed that people have teams for certain situations. So with that said - who should I keep leveling and who should I pair up for teams?

4 Stars
Finn (Level 36)
Kylo Ren (Level 36)
Poe Dameron (Level 36)
Grand Moff Tarkin (Level 33)
Rey (Level 6)
Admiral Ackbar (level 1)
Cad Bane (level 4)
Kit Fisto (level 1)
Qui-Gon Jinn (Level 1)
Tusken Raider (Level 1)
Count Dooku (Level 1)
Boba Fett (Level 1)

3 Star
Asajj Ventress (Level 36)
Captian Phasma (Level 36)
Talia (Level 36)
Nightsister Initiate (level 36)
Clone Wars Chewbaka (level 35)
Jawa (Level 36)
Lobot (Level 36)
Princess Leia (Level 1)
IG86 (Level 1)
Resistance Trooper (Level 1)
Savage Opress (Level 1)
Jedi Counsler (Level 33)

2 Stars
First Order TIE Pilot (level 11)
Jedi Knight GUardian (Level 1)

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  • Bump, thank you.
  • well you have some nice ones cant help you much but can say I use chewy/Poe back and forth and they are same level and grade. I use assage, luminara, Luke as a core and my floater is either damage/healer depending on what im doing. I would like to have a team of Poe, fin, and rey with Resistance pilot and Luminara but.... mesa of limited funds.
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  • Thank you!

    Anyone else?
  • Bump - new player in need of dire assistance, lol. Appreciate the future help guys.
  • QGJ is a beast as a leader with other jedi's, level him for sure.

    End game strats for arena tend to include leia FOTP, and phasma(leader) however metas can shift so watch the forums and keep an eye on leaders of high ranks in your own server

    A lot of the different factions tend to compliment each other ie all rebel/ all droid/ all Jedi teams etc
  • If I were you I would get Stormtrooper Han from GW rewards for your future leader tank, and in the meanwhile level Ki Fisto, Cad Bane, Kylo Ren, Dooku, and phasma , JC or Lumi. The goal would be mist of the time you get hit you hit back. If you do it with phasma as leader you can countwr strike with ally assist.
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