Offense Up/Offense Down

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Do offense up and offense down stack and neutralize each other? Or what's up? I gather there's a UI bug that hides offense down when offense up is showing, but separately from that I can't tell what the effect of having both is.


  • Aero
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    A character can have both offense up and offense down. In this case, the one that applies and shows up is whichever one the character had first. If that one expires and the other hasn't, or if the first one is dispelled/removed, the second one will show and take effect.
  • nysi
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    They are mutually esclusive. If a character get offense down, he can't get offense up, and vice versa.
    But if the character get offense down for 1 turn, then is applied offense up for 2 turn. He will have offense down on first turn, then offense up on the second one.

    It's the same for defense and speed up/down, and probably health up/down, critical chance up/down
  • ZarLatho
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