Omega Event Megathread ** DEV COMMENT**

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  • Greg1920
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    The question is what toons do we need to compete in them. If they need L78 then notice is required to have squads ready
  • Jaflip
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    Date was posted in April
  • Greg1920
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    So after some digging

    Courasant was the Tuesday challange

    jedi consular
    eeth koth
    nightsister initiate
    old ben
    first order trooper
    tusken raider

    This assumes the same toon requirements which is not certain
  • Alexone
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    The omega event is back. They forgot to include the f2p in it tho.
  • Loafdawg83
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    Mine says it's coming soon, has anyone done them yet?
  • Timitock
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    Doesnt start until the weekend.
  • Mine says coming soon too
  • Hangfire
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    Omega is back, mi gusta
  • I'll have no idea it's back because the special event icon is still there from the Yoda event.
  • djvita
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    Starts May 21

  • Meese_Rancher
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    Why do I have the feeling that this "retuning" is going to screw over a lot of players akin to the Yoda event.
  • Yeah if the description is right the only people benifiting from this are probably already farming omega.... eg whales
  • Why are people saying its only for whales? Did I miss something? I never saw that anywhere
  • I would really like a reply as I noted they said the intended toughness is for a squad of 5 full level 78 characters which I do understand. I am level 71 though. Even in my characters aren't level 78 yes it will be harder but will I still be able to enter the challenge to try to get the omega events when I need them? Or are the only people who are allowed to even attempt to get the mats level 78 players?
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  • Rizn
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    Pictures it shows looks like one will be for Vader/Empire characters and the other for Clones.
  • So happy to see the Omega event back. It's not too difficult (or it wasn't last time) and it Rewards people that may not be ready to go after the Omegas with credits as well ... Personally I just love it for the variety.. We will get to see Hoth Leia, TIE fighter Pilot (OT) and Clone Captain, which we never see otherwise
  • So do you have to be Level 78 to enter the event with the omega mats or can I still do the omega ability mats at my current 71?
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  • yes it will be harder to beat as they noted it's for 5 level 78 chracters but i don't care, I will still beat it. I just want to know if I can still attempt it at level 71
    Guild: Order 66 501st Division
  • Even at the lower levels you still get Ability mats. I was around level 50 last time and enjoyed getting some purple mats. Every bit helps.
  • Tomek
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    Dear EA people.
    I do not know what should I feel. Should I hate you or love ?
    First was the guilds and raids idea. Fine , but no info earlier about changes. We found we have no correct chars for play. No way only build many new chars for be able to do anyting during the raids. The next : raid's rewards. This is excelent way to make guild members mad. Each one will try to receive more mats and no way for cooperation. (Do you like to see when people are angry and mad ? ). Next: raid's restars hour = 1am. If you want to place better rewards you have to be online each time at 1am - first for play in better phase , next for play in the finish part of raid and have additional damage .
    But the best idea I found, it is from the EA_Jesse's updates notes :
    "Omega Battle Events are returning soon! The first event will be available on May 21st. Please note that these events will be more difficult than they originally were and are tuned for a full party of level 78 characters "

    This is ill creation of mad mind. This information publiced 2-3 days before start !!!!
    We have invested all resources in creation many new characters, starring, abbiliting , levelling ... and have this info talked , you are silly the customer/player , you have made next error , you should not invest in new chars but only in your first team.
    My player's level is 78 but I will not level my first team to 78 because I spent all money for leveling yoda, acbar, teebo, baris ... I need some milions for leveling main team to 78l and need a week for it minimum. EA you not increased revards in money challenges for high levels and we have still the some income but many many more needs.

    Thank you EA for you ideas. It is not enough for you to make to hate each other in the guild, you have to be sure each one will hate you too. OK. We have to live with it.
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  • Mentioning EA in your thread title is against the forum guidelines.
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  • Tomek
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    Thanks cosmicturtle333 for hint.
  • Greg1920
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    You can still participate. The heroic Rancor is tuned for L80 gear IX this is not required to beat it.
  • bleeaauuh
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    You never know how it's going to be until you do it
  • StarSon
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    Greg1920 wrote: »

    You can still participate. The heroic Rancor is tuned for L80 gear IX this is not required to beat it.

  • Took a break from the board for awhile. Got tired of all the whiners during the guild update. I see things haven't really changed. Players wanting the whole game given to them in a silver platter.
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  • Ewan
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    Clarification...I am a level 78 player but my top team is indeed levelled to only 71 currently (building up huge broad base first). Am I still able to participate in this omega challenge or only if my toons are level 78?
  • Gwonk
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    It doesn't sound like a gate of level 78 characters needed the way I read it.
    Sounds more like a recommended level on what it is planned for.
    We won't know for sure until we see it though.
  • Veritasum
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    Let's see it first. I'm sure people will gather pitch forks no matter what, but let's see it first.
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