New events/ Game Mode

Hey guys, I'm just wondering what you all feel about an idea I have for the game
Wouldn't it be cool if the next major update introduces a new game mode or event if you will.
Something like Era Battles, it could add new characters from the 4 eras the game has characters of.
- Old Republic
- Clone Wars (Personal Fav)
- Original Trilogy
- Sequel Trilogy
Basicly you change the era around every month and you take your own squad and you fight against exclusive enemies from that era in order to gain a new currency, Era Points, and you can use those to slowly earn shards for new and/or chromium pack characters. And so that the game can make money but still remain free to play in order to enter for one day/time (and im thinking that you can play 12 battles a day just like GW) you pay either 50 or 100 crystals something like that. And when you win 4 battles you gain 400 era points, which you can use to buy 5 shards for a new character. I think this is a fair, fun, and still profitable way for EA to get players to have some extra possibilities and variation in their squads.
Nos i had an idea for new characters for the clone wars Era, but please feel free to think of characters for this era and the others in your comments :)
My idea for the new clone wars characters where the following:
1 star:
- clone pilot
- clone recruit
- battle droid pilot
- Battle droid
2 star:
- clone trooper
- Super battle droid
- Jedi Padawan
- Saesee Tinn
3 star:
- Adi Gallia
- Ki-Adi Mundi
- Padme Amidala
- Quinlan Vos
- Pre Viszla
- Droideka
- Shaak Ti
- Commander Wolffe
4 star:
- Young Obi-Wan Kenobi
- Cin Drallig
- commander Cody
- Bossk
Between Clones and Jedi Masters there could be some cool synergies
Adding the already available characters into the mix would be cool, and then every month the era switches just take 15 random characters of the era that are available to collect every month and people cant farm too much, thus keeping it interesting for both company and player.
This way i think that everybody can create his own collection of characters according to his or her own taste without making the game too simple
But hey its just an idea :)


  • cevans7
    52 posts Member
    This is an awesome idea I would like to see this added. I would also like to see events dedicated to factions such as sith, jedi (done similar to yoda event), rebel, Empire, resistance, first order, scoundrel, etc... Where each event gives shards for characters such as (rebel) Luke, Emperor Palpatine, (starkiller base) Rey, Jango Fett, etc... but once you choose a path you can't switch paths for a month or until you obtain the character. Thoughts?
  • Czert
    205 posts Member
    Well, if it will be (easily) accesibile to lvl 40-50 players, and not only lvl 70+ club, im in.
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