Obtaining Grievous

Grievous is a very popular cinematic character and I understand that he is meant to be rare, but why does each of his shards cost so much more than regular shards in the shop?

10 Grievous shards costs 2,250 currency, which comes from 150 extra shards. This makes a 15 to 1 conversion, where 15 extra shards will get only ONE shard for Grievous.

For any other character, the cost is 300 currency for 2 shards. The 300 currency takes only 20 extra shards to make. Essentially, all of the other characters in the shard shop have a 10 to 1 conversion!!

Why is Grievous 15 to 1 and everybody else 10 to 1?? This is the only place to get grievous and he is 50% more expensive than characters that are regularly round elsewhere in the game.

Also, I'd like to point out that a player could 7 star 15 characters .....or 7 star Grievous!!! This is insane. Could the exhange rate be lowered? There was a temporary bug where Grievous's shards cost 400 shard shop currency for 5 shards, 800 currency for 10, and 2,400 for 30. I thought this was a miracle until I saw that it was being changed back.

Could the developers please look at this?


  • K_G0sling
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    Maybe you can write Ferrari and ask them to lower their vehicle costs to something like a Toyota Corolla.

    Look, I'm very passionate about the whole Grievous thing because I put in the work, and anyone else who has will back me up. Even non-whales, F2P, etc. If you want him that badly, you need to put in the work the game requires. There's criteria to obtain him, just like anything else in life. If you dedicate the 10 shards available in the squad arena, the 15 from GW, the 5, sometimes 10 from cantina, maybe throw in another 5 from random hard-mode farming and another 5 or 10 from guild shop, and do that daily with DISCIPLINE, you can obtain him.

    It's not impossible, and his intention is not to be a meta arena fighter everyone uses. I have him at 5* and I'd be pretty livid if they dropped his rate so significantly that he was in 1 out of every 5 squads. Sure, I'd make it to 7* a lot faster, but that's not my point. The point is, you have to sacrifice a LOT to get him.

    If you want to accelerate it, here's a tip: 7* Leia and Kit Fisto. Then, go buy some Chromium packs and get your currency. Otherwise, put in the grind.

    Every week there's another thread why people can't get him, it's unfair, it's unreasonable, etc. If you don't like the rate, don't go after him. I really want a Tesla Model X, but I'm not writing Elon Musk asking him to look into his pricepoint because I don't have $180K for a P90D.

    Bottom line: Grievous is in the game. That is his cost.
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    I think you are trying to compare REAL life to a mobile game.... are you saying that I should be learning life lessons from a mobile game? A game is supposed to be fun and cater to the players. The game monopoly for example, landing on boardwalk (the most expnsive land) does require more money, but it does not cost as much as 15 other properties combined. That is why Grievous is outrageously expensive (at least for F2P). I understand that a player should have to work for him, but the price is much steeper than what it should be.
  • Misogi
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    He's just kind of there as a bonus. Sure, you can make him a goal if you REALLY want him that bad and as quickly as possible at tremendous sacrifice to the rest of your squad, but seriously, he's not much more than a status symbol.

    If you're too impatient to get him as he comes through normal play... just get 1 character to 7* in each play area, then continue to buy nothing but those character's shards until you have your goofy asthmatic cyborg. The rest of your squad is going to suffer, but at least you'll have him I guess...
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    Wholf wrote: »
    Normally I would disagree but I've been farming him since before Christmas and he's only 5 stars. And he's pretty bugged right now. Both visually and mechanically.

    He wasn't there at Christmas 2015
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    I've start in march, he's 6* 55/100. And yes i'm ftp, yes i have a strong arena team, yes i have a strong raid team...and i'll repeat : I'M FTP
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    No, leave it as is. Those of us who put in the effort should not be rewarded by seeing 7* Greivous everywhere!
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    you gotta admit for such a grind to get, he sucks bad. He's really not that good at all compared to the resources and time required for him...
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    ScotBott wrote: »
    you gotta admit for such a grind to get, he sucks bad. He's really not that good at all compared to the resources and time required for him...

    This! Grievous should be a powerhouse in the Meta for how absurdly difficult it is to get him.
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    I see Grievous shards are also Possible Rewards in Ground War Assault Battles coming up. I'm also grinding for him as a trophy to my collection, although he's not very effective at all - currently.
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    Good news everyone! He can be bought in ships now. From time to time. :P I think he's a lot easier to farm now if someone focused solely on grievous
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    I got grievous from ship battles really quick
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