Upcoming Omega Events

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EDIT: Due to the fact that Omega Battles were ALREADY deployed, the first weekend will still be locked at Level 77. We will push an update next week that will make the remaining 2 weekends Level 75.

Hey Everyone,

So the Omega Battle Events will take place over the next three weekends and the character requirements have been updated:

May 21-22
  • Bespin : Rebels and Geonosian
  • Coruscant : Empire and Ewoks

May 28-29
  • Dathomir : Jedi and Tusken
  • Hoth : Sith and Droids

June 4-5
  • Jakku : First Order and Jawas
  • Imperial Fleet : Resistance and Clones

As it was before, there are three versions that unlock at:
  • Level 30
  • Level 50
  • Level 77 Level 75

Based on your feedback, the final stage will unlock at level 75, instead of 77. Be aware, however, it's still tuned for Level 78.

Due to the fact that players are now higher levels, the Level 75 version is an updated challenge, tuned for 78+
  • Omega materials will only drop off the Level 77 version
  • It will still be 3 characters, tuned for ABOUT 3*
  • Additional refreshes will still cost Crystals
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