Omega Events Level Cap

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Sorry but I have to ask, why use a level cap to determine if I can fight them or not?

I'm level 73 and need Omegas for some characters. I will miss 1 of the 3 weekends. I do have characters for these events and could have attempted them. What's more is these events will not return. Some players on my shard are 75+ god knows how, they will have a huge advantage in being able to obtain the Omegas whilst the vast majority cannot.

They are tuned for level 78, surely if I can beat it at 73 then I deserve the Omega. If I can't beat it well then i don't get one in any case.

Failing that why not make them available to all players for 3 weeks after they hit level 80, so there isn't a disadvantage created.

Please review this, I was already screwed the first time these were available as I was not high enough level to get anything but credits, again by a fraction.

As game developers in SWGoH, you focus far too much on rewarding the top, arena, raids, Omega events and create a complete mis-match in the system where those at the top keep growing more and more powerful and those just below have an insurmountable task to get back on equal footing. Yes I know I'll get Omega's daily at 80, and there's only so many i can give to each character and soon my entire arena squad will have them and have the same amount as the players at the top, but for all that time they are gearing other characters and maintaining advantage.

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