Best Scoundrel Team set up

Can a scoundrel team compete at the top tiers?

It seems like Lando would get smashed by using his AoE vs a JediDefense counter team.

I like the idea of Chewie, lando, Cad, and a couple of healers... But is it viable?

Any other thoughts on a good build?


  • WhipiT
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    edited December 2015
    Absolutely, scoundrels are a synergized class with quite a few unique characters . Lando is a beast, but only with the right team around him to buff his crit and have AOE themselves. I run Lando/Boba/Sidious/Luminara/Consular and it's very effective at crippling a team in the first turn and if Landos instant reset and 50% damage buff pops it's GG. I have several different chrono and in game shard unlock characters and this is the best combination Ive found with what I have to work with. Lando being my favorite thus far.

    You can always test the effectiveness of your arena team by how long it takes you to lose rank. I can be off the game for 10 hours and only lose 5-7 ranks and thats in the top 10. So yeh scoundrels are money in my opinion.
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