Guild Raid Rewards Missing

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Will cross-post with bugs/issues.

My guild, Occulus, completed a Tier 3 raid this morning, Friday, May 20th.

I finished #1 in the raid (I had a really lucky streak where the Rancor did not devour my Fives and kept getting slowed so I had forever to do damage). I received NO reward. It's not in my inbox, I've checked my Guild Currency and it doesn't reflect the total I should have had if I had gotten my reward. ...nothing.

Is there any reason this bug might happen? Is it possible the rewards are late? I can ask a friend of mine in the guild if they got their rewards, but mine are definitely not present.

And NO, this isn't about waiting while the rewards "process" before they are given out. We've waited.

HOWEVER, I had not played the raid today (Fri, May 20), NOR had I played the raid last night after the guild raid character refresh. the raid finished at least 16 hours, possibly more than 24 hours after the last time I'd played the raid.

However, I was still #1 on the raid board (I was going to play the raid this morning, but when I logged in it was "processing rewards" with 39 minutes left before rewards were dispersed, so I saw the final leaderboard, and despite not playing in 24 hours or so, I was still on top b/c of my lucky raid). I went away for 2 hours, and the results are no longer being processed, but I've got no rewards.

Is it possible that I had not played the raid in 24hours+? Is it possible that the bug is that even if you play the raid, if you haven't played it in last 24 hours, you get nothing? Because that is terribly wrong, but if true it would give the devs a place to start looking for the bug.


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    Okay, so it seems that the issue is that sometimes the INBOX does not refresh unless you shut down the app completely, which on some devices means shutting down the device completely, rebooting, and then re-opening SWGoH.

    We shouldn't need that to get INBOX messages, but this is clearly an INBOX bug and not a problem with guilds/rewards.
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