Community Update - 5/20/2016


Here is everything going on in the community. And apologies for this update coming a little late, needed to wait on some additional information to share :)
  • This week’s game update fixed some bugs, added Can Bane to the Galactic War Store and introduced a new character, Echo. Full notes can be found here:
  • In addition to the above changes, we also pushed out a fix for Echo, making it so that the AI won’t use his EMP Grenade ability unless there is something to Dispel.
  • We also brought back the Omega Battles, giving players a way to earn additional Credits, Ability Materials and the highly sought after Ability Material Omega. This event will run for the next 3 weekends.

What’s coming next week?
  • The Droids Fight Back event is making a return next week, but this time it’s for all players! The event has been reworked some to include multiple tiers, including a more challenging level 80 tier.

What are we working on now?
  • We found a bug with Sun Fac when the AI was controlling him that was causing him not to use Taunt at the right times, this will be fixed in an upcoming update. We’ll also be fixing a number of other character bugs that the community has reported.
  • We’re taking a closer look at characters that are underused or are underperforming. Have a character that you want to use but feel they aren’t able to compete? Create a post in the character feedback section on why you feel they are underpowered and we'll take a look.
  • We’re also working on some brand-new events that we’ll be sharing additional details on in the next few weeks, stay tuned!
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