Thanks for Character Hints on new Omega event!

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I was someone who criticized EA/CG for the first Omega ability mat event, based on the character rotation.

My criticism was that

1) the lists were designed so that synergies between characters were rare

this inevitably meant that
2) most people, who look to synergies when building teams, were unlikely to have collected the right toons on purpose - it had to be a lucky accident.

This further meant that
3) even though EA/CG has said that the event unlocked at level 30, level 50 & level 70, when you went through character by character, it was ridiculous to expect anyone to have unlocked enough characters to play the level 30 events at level 30 or the level 50 events at level 50.

4) since EA/CG gave no notice of the character lists, there was no time for people to go out and farm characters specifically for the event.

I actually applauded the idea of an event that gave you a reason to collect many diverse characters, but without actual advance notice of the characters you will need, the implementation of the event did not succeed in actually getting people to unlock and try new characters.

What has happened with the new Omega event?

Even though we don't get a full list of characters, and there may be some idiosyncrasies (a character left off here, a character added there) when the lists become visible (starting tomorrow!), in their community update, EA/CG clearly tells us that the lists will be based on groups that are expected to have synergies. This means that people who have been playing the game long enough to get to level 50+ but not long enough to get over level 70 are more likely to have some teams ready to go.

But also? we actually have a great idea of what characters will qualify! So if we look through our character sets, we can see that we're good for one day (Sith? I've got Vader and Sidius. Droids? I've got IG-86. That's one day down...), that means we can focus our efforts on opening new characters (or leveling up neglected characters) for days where we're worried we might be lacking.

NOW we have an event that has a more honest level-opening requirement (since at level 50 you're more likely to have characters with synergy than you are to have collected so many characters you can put together many teams from random lists that don't have synergy), knowledge of what you need for what days, motivation to try out new/neglected toons, and an implementation that actually gives people some time to go find those shards/raise those credits&bots/collect the gear that make previously unused toons into something valuable.

I don't think that EA did all this just because I made those criticisms, but I have to note that all of my previous criticisms have been resolved.

I think EA/CG did a really good job thinking about the Omega Mat event between the last iteration and this one. So I wanted to give them some well-deserved praise.

Now ONE last criticism: I'm only level 73, don't you think you should be giving me Omega mats for my helpful advice? I'll give you my player ID & one of the Devs can just slip me about 200 of them. :naughty:
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