Level 80 Gear 10

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First of all my Squad is

Leader: Count Dooku Gear 9
St han Gear 9
GS Gear 9
QGJ Gear 9

Okay once I hit level 80 I can get a few to gear 10 the problem I have is do I use the gear on Count Dooku Or ST han?

I also have royal guard Gear 8 5* only

so my Question is Once I hit level 80 shall I use my Item on Count Dooku or St han? Or replace St han with RG 5*

Ive yet to see someone who is level 80 with Count Dooku Gear 10 (On my server) is he any good and can you tell the difference to gear 9?


  • OmarFPG
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    I'd use it on STHan if I were you.
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  • Onetime7979
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    Yeah I was going to in the first place, But I'm not sure if I should or not as I'm Trying to get Rg but could take a few weeks or month

    But is Royal guard 7* gear 8 better then St han gear 10 that is my question...
  • PardeyGirL
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    I'm no lvl80 thou have ya thought of asking some Team Instinct players or checking out their site.?
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  • Irrlicht
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    Why do you bind Gear level X to level 80? You don't need level 80 to get QGJ or GS to G10. You need unfarmable gears. And once you are level 80, you still cannot get them faster as before (raids and raid shipments).
  • Onetime7979
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    What? I don't have the items yet for Qgj or GS -.^ ? Phasma has all items but only can once level 80 same with ST han and Count Dooku?
  • Onetime7979
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    i have yet to place the gear item I'm waiting for level 80 which is soon so i know 100 % which one I'm taking to gear X
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