Galactic War Dead Character Bug

So I was playing Galactic War today and having an uncharacteristically rough time, losing two character by the end of the 6th battle. My Geonosian soldier received a Damage over a time Debuff from audio is, combine with having lo health, he took his turn and had 1 or essentially zero health remaining after his turn. I retreated and brought in some extras to kill the characters faster than my healers and also allow them time for their cool downs to reset. After doing that I brought back in GS, it let me, he wasn't dead yet. But when I get into the match he gained no turn meter, it skipped his turn and I tried healing with Bariss and Jedi Consular and he got no health back and never got turn meter again.

He has to be either alive and allowed to be healed after this or dead and not allowed to be brought back into Galactic War. Please fix



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