Dooku glitch in GW

I'm in GW and up against 4* purple Dooku and nothing effects him. He counters 4 hits every single time. No specials effect him. Sid, heal immunity resisted, Daka stun resisted, Dooku stun resisted, Luke Stun resisted, Ventress stun resisted, Vadar and Kylo damage over time resisted, Lum ability block resisted. Not 1 effect on 3 teams had any impact on him. he resisted every single one then attack 4x. I have him on the same level as this Dooku and I don't get 10% of that effectiveness and resistance on a good day. Something is up with AI Dooku. Mine is lvl 60 4* purple this was a 56 level 4* purple and was 10x better than my exact star and gear 4 levels higher of the same. This was the second super Dooku I ran into today. I had a 4* non purple that behaved similar 2 fights prior in GW.


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    I see that all the time in GW, along with other impossible behavior. But I'm irrational, so....
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    Well if Dooku is such a prob at certain levels, just do something about the scaling. Imo he doesn't need a nerf at max level since he isn't the most powerful. But maybe I'm playing gosu or maybe I'm cheating the game...
    Also I never had so many consecutive fails trying to hit him. Even if it's so, it's still possible RNG wise. Must be a sucky answer, I know but statistically every 1 on the 1000 players should experience something like this. Perhaps it was your time now?

    Like devs stated earlier, there has been no tweaks to AI proc rate (altho I don't believe that ^^), you can be very unlucky, you remember bad luck far more times than you remember good luck. It's improbable but not impossible.
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