Guild Hopping and You!

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Update, 05.23 @ 8pm
It has come to my attention that there may be some unintended behaviour with guild hopping--a potential bug or the likes--that may cause players to get unearned rewards.
Let me state this very clearly: We are researching this. If you are caught abusing this, you will be banned.
We are fine with guild hopping right now, but we are not fine with exploiting the rewards structure for little-to-no work.

Original Post:

So after a lengthy discussion, I wanted to drop in and talk a bit about the “guild hopping” issue that seems to have come up.

First off there is no exploit. There is nothing wrong with a player switching guilds, nor is there anything wrong with a main guild having a back-up guild. These things are neither fundamentally wrong, nor are they wrong in the spirit of multiplayer games.

I must stress, there is nothing wrong with guild hopping.

We have introduced a limit to how many times a player can switch guilds in a day, but reducing that to any less than 2 punishes players across the board: Less than 2 means that EVERYONE who quits a guild MUST wait 24-hours before joining a new guild. This is not what we want.

There is nothing wrong with working within the constructs of a system to beat content.

Additionally, these are people who are making accommodations to allow one of their own to chase, and get, Han Solo. That means, at the core of this all, someone, or some people, are losing out on better rewards in order to help one of their guild members become the first to unlock Han Solo.

Let me clarify that statement: There are players who are WILLINGLY accepting less in order to help someone else in their guild.

This is not an exploit. This is a trade-off, and it’s perfectly acceptable within gaming.

Nobody is doing anything wrong here, and if anyone was cheating or exploiting, we would have taken action. Everything that these guilds are doing, any individual in the game can do.

This is the nature of multiplayer games, folks. Some people are always going to be pushing the boundaries and the intentions. Some will always strive to be ahead, and some will always find ways to win. So long as they do this in a legal way, we have no intent on hindering that. This is the reality of gaming.

I see groups of players working together to help someone succeed. This is what teamwork and support is all about. These players are working hard TOGETHER to make this happen, and frankly, I’m super excited for them! I’m incredibly excited to see two big guilds in direct competition with one another, and to see players work hard and strategize within the context of our systems to make this race happen.

Best of luck to all who are sooooooo close, and may the best guild win!
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