Daily Crystals Not Appearing

I submitted an e-mail a few days ago but have heard nothing yet.

I bought the daily crystal pack when the game first launched, and it performed as expected. Around Christmas I think there was a limited time upgrade available, and I bought that, despite having a few days left on my original package. I assumed that the time would add to the existing time.

Well, it worked as expected for the duration of the remaining period, but when that expired, so did my daily crystals. I have not received any in about a week, and there is no option to buy another daily pack for the month, until I assume...the invisible countdown reaches it's timer on my account.

Has anyone else experienced this? I know that the pack is not expensive at all, but it's still wasted money at this point...and I've got probably over 1k missing gems in the void as a result.
Porgatory demands fresh souls.


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    Me too... please fix this EA... I wanna buy the Daily Crystal Pack but it disappeared since late December...
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