Why can't I upgrade my characters abilities?

I'm level 52

Chewy and Sidious 5*
Talia and Luminara 4*
Jedi Consular 3*

All of them are level 51

Chewy, Talia, Sidious, and Luminara are level 4 abilities. Jedi consular is level 3 abilities.

I have all the necessary ability mats and money.

But for some unknown reason the upgrade button is greyed out.

Tried restarting the app, no effect


  • Restarted phone. No effect.

    Chewy and Jedi Consular are gear level V
    Talia, Sidious and Luminara are gear level IV
  • Are you sure you have all the required ability mats? Try scrolling down and see if you're missing the level III purple mats.
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  • Lol, that's it. Didn't realize that window scrolls. Thanks
  • Rolf
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    No one ever does, don't feel bad. There's a ton of threads with the same question. Devs really need to make it more obvious.
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  • Gets me everytime :(
  • It would help if the scroll bar was always showing but it only appears once you try to scroll.

    I forgot to upgrade Ventress' last ability for the same reason (she's the only toon with 5 abilities / attacks) .
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