Stuck on the 'Loading Cantina' Screen? Here's the fix.

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Hello All,

I wanted to make this a separate thread as I've not only looked into this myself but tested this with an Engineer from Apple for a couple of days.

Those on iOS (whom this is primarily affecting), the issue is with your profile being corrupted. Here are my findings and the fix (as it's related ONLY with Game Center, and has nothing to do with EA at all). This is what I sent to Apple, and was verified to be the solution:

1) Everything will appear as being correct in regards to your settings. But will not be able to go to the 'settings' for Game Center (freezes, unresponsive), open Game Center from the actual game Icon on the home screen (white screen, freezes), Everything will appear correct on the user's end, but isn't in fact the case when Apple Engineers look into it.

2) Restoring via iTunes. I first tried restoring from a backup, which seemed to work, but shortly after it starting to function and the Game Center showing as active, it started back to not connecting, like the old profile was still active.

3) Factory Reset via iTunes. This worked. 14 hours later and no issues of note.

RESTORE FROM FACTORY DEFAULTS. .. Using an iCloud / any backup will appear to work and then break soon after. Restoring from Factory Defaults will fix everything, but must be done FROM iTunes and not just through the iProduct.

This has not only been verified by myself as a resolution but by Apple. If you have any issues, please let me know.


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