Nerfing Leia

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Leia is already difficult to acquire and level up. Her team crit buff is the only thing that keeps her viable (she is barely played as it is). If you increase it to 85% then maybe she stays playable, but as it stands now, her 100% crit buff glitch does not, imo make her insanely strong. Kylo is a beast compared to a good Leia. If you ever wanna see rebel comps become even remotely playable, then do not nerf Leia to death.

I understand how much balancing is needed in a game like this. Trust me I do. I know I am speaking in general terms, but I hope you all see the overall point.
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    Plotts wrote: » it stands now, her 100% crit buff glitch does not make her too strong.

    It most certainly does, as does her insane repeat-hit rate when the AI is playing her. She is probably the most broken character in the game (only competition would be tie pilot).
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    Plotts wrote: »
    (she is barely played as it is).

    Because barely anyone has her or has her at enough stars to be viable.

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    I have her at 5* and her bonus attack rate and crit rate is nuts. I just had a round with her in an arena match today where she had a single round with four attacks, all crit, all crit for about 2.5k. There's only a handful of characters in the game that that wouldn't one shot. Twenty seconds into the match and I had already knocked out the opposing team's biggest damage dealer.
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    She is too broken to be ignored. Although not many people use her, I still feel she should be fixed.
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    Leia is one of the fastest and hardest hitting characters in the game. She also has the ability to stealth. She is only playable because she gives everyone 2x critical chance? Let's be real. You spent a lot of money to get a bugged character and you don't want it nerfed.
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    Just in case you weren't sure the crit boost is not x2
    Is only 25% boost so X1.25
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    @pay2win Exactly! OP has to admit that it surely is way too OP. I've only had 1 fight vs Leia where she didn't hit 3x in a row. She always kills ANY toon in the first round. If this ain't broken then I really don't know what is. Making a topic asking not to nerf Leia (or fix for all that matter) is showing she really is broken. She is in the nr1 squad every day, there has to be a reason for that ;)
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    Other day she took down my 7 star Chewbacca, over 12K health, in one round (Others helped her, but her repeat attack did the majority of the damage).
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