Who likes the new droid event - poll

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What do people think - I think it needs changing

Who likes the new droid event - poll 17 votes

I love it
ArgilliteJedi 1 vote
Its awful
GuardiasLaLiamDooku_for_daysEgo12DraconisAsuranLAWS_R4_COWARDSBrown89TheFossilManMp44ZAPNinjaMimeWesteast1366MrGripsDarthFuriax 14 votes
I'm indifferent
7AnimalMotherMelBotes 2 votes


  • Its awful
    This is awful. I was hoping for some droid shards to build a droid team that I have to use to beat the levels. Only Jawa Engineer is remotely useful ON A DROID TEAM! The energy cost is just way to high too. It is literally useless.
  • Mp44
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    Its awful
    It's just a reskinned credit pack. Waste of time and credits for anyone who isn't maxed out on droids
  • Brown89
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    Its awful
    I have a good droid team and completed it but I still don't like it
  • LaLiam
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    Its awful
    I wasted 1mil leveling and a refresh on this crap
  • Dooku_for_days
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    Its awful
    Hahahaha. It's a joke. The worst thing I've ever seen. Well done EA/CG, you've raised your standards once again. I wouldn't expect anything less tbh. The costs are too high. The rewards are too low, and on the last stage, it's impossible.
    Edit - changed the word "st*p*dly to "too" because it's filtered. :|
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