Global Force: A Competitive Family Guild

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That's right, folks, Global Force is recruiting! We have three coveted positions available within our guild! Tomorrow will be our first run at tier 7 Rancor! Come make history with us and be a part of our guild first win!

A little about us:
We are a family friendly competitive raiding guild with a mix of whales, ptp and some ftp. Our competent players from around the world share the same goal of swgoh domination! Our members are very helpful and friendly; sharing strategies, raid compositions and pvp tactics. Unity and teamwork within our guild is paramount.

What we are looking for:
We are accepting whales and ptp that are ready for tier 7 raids. Our requirements are outlined within the link I provide at the bottom. We are also open to ftp players who are proficient in maximizing their daily resources. Meeting our daily guild requirements is imperative.

Are you ready to slay t7 Rancor? Are you ready to make new friends from around the world? Then join our elite team, Global Force!

Any questions you have please visit the link:

Thank you for reading,

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