Han Solo has been unlocked!

Congratulations to Yukikase and their Guild for being the first in the world to unlock Han Solo!

Han Solo is a hard hitting critical attacker that always shoots first! Han’s unique ability gives him a free attack at the start of combat that stuns his target before any other unit can take an action. Disrupting a key target at the start of every battle will give your squad a considerable advantage! But, choosing the right target will be critical to maximizing Han’s ability, so choose carefully! Capable of buffing his entire team with his lucky nature (Critical Chance Up), dealing extra damage to enemies with less than 50% turn meter and his unique Shoots first ability, Han Solo is capable of turning the tide of battle from the very first shot!


Basic: Quick Draw
Base: Deal Physical damage to target enemy. This attack deals 25% more damage to targets with less than 50% Turn Meter.

Special 1: Deadeye
Base: Deal Physical damage to target enemy and gain Turn Meter equal to Han's Critical Chance. (Cooldown 5)

Special 2: Never Tell Me The Odds
Base: All allies gain Critical Chance Up for 2 turns. (Cooldown 4)

Unique: Shoots First
Base: Han takes a bonus turn at the start of each encounter. During this turn, he can only use his Basic ability, but it will Stun the target for 1 turn.
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