Galactic War Strategy Guide

Galactic War is tricky, but if you have the right strategy, anything is possible.

Your Galactic War difficulty is determined by your highest Squad Arena power level. Through putting my Squad Arena on hold, I've managed to keep my Galactic War more than manageable. I'm able to divert resources to my non-Arena characters that I use heavily in Galactic War. Characters like Rey, Barriss, and other characters. I'm willing to sacrifice my Arena team's progression as I've only been able to get as high as 24, but usually hover around 80-110. I'm happy with 800 Arena Points a day, so as long as I'm top 200, I'm happy. If you're extremely competitive in Squad Arena, this tactic may not work.

My Galactic War Strategy is essentially this: Burn through the easy first several battles with your highest DPS characters; a healer is optional. As soon as one of your characters starts to lose HP, toss in a healer. Go as long as you can with only one healer, then adjust your team as necessary. On my main account, I usually throw Barriss Offee into my lead with either Luminara and Ahsoka as a backup healer if necessary. My roster is much deeper on my main account than my alternate, so keeping my Galactic War easy is more important on my second account.

My strategy works for me, but your character roster may not facilitate an approach like the one in the video below. On my main account, I have to use a healer on my GW squad from the first battle. I don't have a good DPS synergy leader on that account. I have several high DPS characters and the best team that works out for me is Luminara Lead, Resistance Pilot, Rey, QGJ and IG-86.

Below is my latest Galactic War Strategy Guide with gameplay from my second account. I'll be doing a playthrough of my main account soon. It's a slightly different experience.

I hope this helps you beat your Galactic Wars!


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