Community Update - 5/27/2016


This week’s update saw the modified Droids Fight Back Event make a return, offering character Shards for Jawas as rewards from the higher difficulties:

Han Solo was unlocked:

What’s coming next week?

An all-new event will be arriving next week, Empire Assault! This new event is meant to be very challenging but has great rewards for those that can best it. Below are all the details for this battle against the Empire:

Empire Assault
Event Start Time: June 2nd
This new type of event is meant to be challenging and is tuned for level 80 players.
Structure of Event:
  • Visible at level 75, unlock at 78.
  • Difficulty is tuned for 5 level 80 characters at 6-7 stars with maxed out gear and abilities.
  • Battle 8 waves of Empire forces.
    • 3 waves, then a sub-boss: Darth Vader
    • 3 more waves then a boss fight: Emperor Palpatine & Royal Guards
  • Requires Rebel and/or Clone characters
  • Rewards are:
    • Shards of Empire characters. (excluding Darth Vader)
    • Items for Empire characters.
  • Difficulty is very high.
  • Features a new power added into the encounter:
    • Gain a 15% max HP Heal Over Time for 2 turns, Offense Up for 1 Turn, and retaliation.
    • This power is added per character, but exists only in this event
  • New achieveme which awards 10 Vader Shards & 5000 Ally Coins

What’s being discussed?
The development team is working very hard more brand new content for all of you, but they are also working on addressing some concerns that have been in the community.
  • Galactic War – the team is aware that there are still a large number of players that don’t enjoy Galactic War. They are working on ways to make the mode a little less frustrating and not take quite as long to complete.
  • Characters – thank you to everyone who has posted their feedback for characters. The team is reviewing it all and taking player feedback into consideration when making adjustments to certain characters.
  • Pre-crafted gear – this is a very hot topic still and the team is aware of it. Please stay tuned as we hope to have more to share on this next week.
  • Guild Hopping – another hot topic that we’ve been talking about in the studio. While no action will be taken against players who are doing this currently, know that we’ll likely be changing some of the mechanics surrounding this in the near future.
  • Raid Rewards – we have been listening to player feedback and are discussing options for how we can adjust the current system.

Have a great weekend everyone and remember, the Omega Battles will be back again this weekend, so be sure to take part in them for credits and ability materials!
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