A quick rundown of Lightside 8-H

I wanted to share my experience with Lightside 8-H and hopefully help anyone else who was having trouble getting 3 stars on it. I recently finished it without losing any characters and achieving that elusive 3 star victory (I was able to get 1 star and 2 stars several times).
Here is the team I used:
  • Teebo – lvl 74 (L)
  • Quigon – lvl 78 w omega on basic
  • Yoda – lvl 78
  • Lumi – lvl 78
  • Eeth Koth – lvl 72
  • Ally Hero: Old Ben – lvl 80

My characters were all Gear 8 except Teebo who was gear 7. I am pretty sure the Old Ben I borrowed was gear 9 based on his 6800 power level. Most abilities were level 7 except Qui-Gon with his basic being an Omega. The reason I chose Teebo as my lead was because of his 25% chance to gain 25% turn meter at the end of a characters turn. This coupled with Old-Ben’s turn meter gain on a dodge gave a lot more attacks, especially for Qui-Gon and Yoda. His stealth was also crucial at the end battle against Dooku but we’ll get to that.
If you are having trouble with this level you already know that the droids and geonosians hit hard and assist often. Even if you are lucky enough to make it to the 3rd round, even more droids and the ever counter-attacking dooku await.
I found the most effective strategy for my attacks was to focus on any characters that could call an assist. This reduced the potential for them blasting any one hero in two attacks. If Lumi’s ability block was ready, I would use that on a fresh battle droid or geonosian (soldiers and spies can both assist attack and hit hard). Same for Eeth Koth’s stun (used on droids is best and yes, he was actually useful if this mission). If Teebo was stealthed, I would switch his attack to whichever attack droid or geonosian was going to attack next that I could not kill before their next attack. Teebo did get resisted a fair amount but sometimes his turn meter reduction would land. I always saved the Diplomat Droids for last if I was lucky to see them.
So if you make it to the 3rd round with everyone still up, this is the time to use Old Ben’s Mind Tricks. Attack any droids that offense down did not land on first because they will pack a punch. I attacked once with Yoda’s basic to gain foresight then his next attack was Battle Meditation so Dooku could not stun or ability block anyone (along with uber dodges and turn meter gains). Once I had 2 droids left, anytime I got a stealthed attacker, I hit Dooku as he will not counter a stealth character. If you get a character not stealthed, attack the droids to save yourself from being countered. Once all the droids are gone, unload everything you have on Dooku.
This was my experience and my solution to the encounter. I am sure there are others but I was stuck on this one for quite a while and wanted to share my experience in hopes that it will help others.
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