Raid damage displayed as zero after battle.

Has anyone seen this? It's happen to me twice now. I'll finish a raid battle after a few rounds and the summary at the end shows zero damage done event though I did do damage.


  • Mojavelandbaron
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    If you're fighting the Pigs, only damage done to the captain (one standing in the middle) counts. Problem is that his two henchmen taunt almost the entire time. If you don't have a taunt dispeller like QGJ or Mace, or RG to keep them stunned before they can taunt, your effort will be wasted.

    One strategy is to kill one of the henchmen ASAP, and keep the other one alive but stunned, since the captain can't summon another guard until they both die. While the one remaining guard is stunned, go to work on the captain.
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