Guild hopping.

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I've read your posts on guild hopping and am rather confused;
You say its ok but then say it can abused somehow and threaten bans
Then you say this:

Guild Hopping – another hot topic that we’ve been talking about in the studio. While no action will be taken against players who are doing this currently, know that we’ll likely be changing some of the mechanics surrounding this in the near future.

If there's a problem,accept the damage and fix it Now,not in some distant future when the top guilds/players have managed to kick the arrse out of it and laughing all the way to the bank with their loot because of your ineptitude.

Either that or leave it alone so everyone can benefit from legal guild hopping.

I have to say(and this is only my personal opinion) I think your well on your way to creating two tier player base(this guild hop advantage along with pre-crafted gear) and if there was more PvP in this game players would be leaving.
In game bugs are part of life in programming but the mistakes your making aren't part of that.

Prior Planning Preparation Prevents P... Poor Performance.

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