What toon to farm?

I often get this question from a fellow guild member. Often I ask myself as well, given that we have limited resources(energy/cantina energy/currency)

To which my answer is this.

1. Are you happy with your arena ranking?
- This is my priority as it allows me to recoup some of the crystal investment. My goal is to maintain top 20 without any refresh. The pay out is 200 crystals. I spend an average of 500 crystals per day(50+50+100 Energy and 100+200 Cantina Energy). 50 from completion of daily activites So my daily nett spend is 150 crystals.

2. Are you completing Galactic Wars
- This is also important. You will need enough on ur roster to carry you through 12 nodes of battle. On average(I did not do the math), you get about 500,000 credits and a couple more crystals, and most importantly the token to get character shards, approx 1400/GW.

3. Are you happy with your raid damage?
- I am personally building a piggy squad for raids(phase 1). So as long as no 1 & 2 are not affected, I will spend where necessary to build up toons that is best effective for phase 1(eg. Akbar, Teebo, QGJ etc etc) This is more for my personal enjoyment as I prefer killing those pigs than rancor himself although I take a dip in the raid damage rankings which in turn affects my rewards, however I enjoy it and having a pig squad for t6 & 7 raids are very important.

My nett spend for crystals per day is managed at approx 150 and thus buying a 15,000 crystal pack can last me about 3 months.

For me, it has always been about the Journey, not the destination. So I am never in a rush to over spend. Plan carefully for every move you make to avoid overspending. Cheers and have fun.

KOtR pig specialist,
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