Star Wars The Clone Wars vs New Star Wars Rebels series? Which one do you like better?

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TCW vs the New Star Wars Rebels? I'm sorry guys but I still like the the clone wars Tv series better than the new Rebels.
I love the animation, the characters (Jedi Council Members stories) were allot better, seeing Darth Sidious fight against Maul was awesome, their stories are awesome.The Rebels show I find quite dumbed down for younger viewers and it's not as interesting imo. What's your thoughts? TCW or SWRebels?
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  • Rebels, mostly because clone wars reminds me too much of the 3 abominations claimed to be Star Wars prequel movies.
  • They were both pretty bad.
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  • I prefer the Lego star wars :)
  • The Clone Wars is way better.
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    I prefer the Lego star wars :)

    All of the Lego games are actually pretty cool. I've clocked Star Wars The Complete Saga and The clone wars one too.
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  • definitely clone wars. ezra just bothers me.
  • Rebels...I've already rad everything on the Clone Wars and there are way to many loose ends in the Clone Wars that don't tie into the movies AT ALL. As a fan, it's bothersome.
  • It's still pretty early for rebels. Season 1 was iffy but I'm on board with season 2. I can't wait for Ashoka's confrontation with vader.
  • While rebels seems geared towards younger people than the clone wars, I still like it, I liked the clone wars for the bounty hunter episodes, and rebels for how well it shows the difference between peoples power.
  • I like both but maybe clone wars a bit more because we had more seasons. You could really notice the difference in animation and the improvements over time on clone wars.
    Rebels is only in it's second season and so far I like it as well.
    Can't wait to see Asohka face of with Vader. Actually I like the Rebels Asohka more than the clones one.
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