Cloud City Smugglers - Guild Guidlines

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This is the official Cloud City Smugglers chat thread and guild guidelines.
New members, please take a moment to look over this information so you can be up to date with how our guild works.

Guild leader: Puff
Mike k

We will expect you to follow these guidelines without us needing to explain them to you in chat.
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    Rancor Raid Information:

    **Raid start time is approximately every other day when coins are available at 12PM EST**

    Raid Rules: You are allowed 1 Zero damage atk until 9:30PM EST. After 9:30PM FFA.

    ***The 1 Zero Damage Atk rule gives everyone a chance to participate in the raid. Don't screw your guild mates over.

    Tank Takedown Raid Information

    **Raid start time is 9:30PM EST when coins are available.

    Raid Rules: Free for All. Please use your 5 atks. Thanks!

    If you fail to follow the one rule mentioned above, you will be removed from the guild on your second offense.
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  • This is silly.

    Use Line!
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    Guild Participation Information:
    1. Over a weeks time the leaders expect 80% guild coin contribution or higher. If you are going to be offline for a while, be sure to let me know. We need coins to run raids and improve as a guild.
    2. Please try to spend energy needed for coins in areas that will help with the current guild activity.
    3. Help each other out and donate, however don't become a leech who never donates and always puts in donation requests.
  • Any questions ask on here! In game chat runs away so fast, this will stay for everyone's reference.
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    The only stupid question is the one not asked.
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