Shards go missing

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Hello people another issue is my SAVAGE OPPRESS shards wen I convert in shop it tells me every time to restart game and it deletes my other shards meaning I can't get anywhere to gettin General grevious does this happen to any1 else thanx


  • ShaolinPunk
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    OOooh yikes, open a support ticket for that one.
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  • Boo
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    They won't help. I am still waiting for my 4* free promotional Captain Phasma toon when I started playing back in Dec 2015.

    I now have Phasma of course completely maxed - but EA did nothing for me and my support tickets was used to wipe someone's butt over at EA. They could at least give me 4* worth of phasma shards - but no. They just ignore me, much like everyone on these forums.
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